Estate and Probate

Collaborative Family Law
Collaborative family law is a process in which parties and their attorneys work cooperatively to negotiate fair settlements. Family conflict, particularly divorce, brings out strong emotions that can become destructive to every member of the family, especially the children.

Collaborative law provides the benefits of attorney representation to maximize settlement options at lower costs, and it minimizes or eliminates the negative economic, social and emotional consequences of having a judge decide the issues.

When necessary, collaborative law utilizes the skills of financial consultants, child specialists, divorce coaches and mediators to assist the parties in avoiding the negative effects of litigation and ensure that everyone works toward the future well-being of all family members.

Adopting a child is a happy event, full of joy and cheerful spirits. Unfortunately it can also be a lengthy legal process full of delays and obstacles. Cindy M. Floyd, Attorney at Law, will be there for the happy occasion when adoption is granted and the parties leave the courtroom as proud parents. From picking up your new baby at the hospital until the day of final hearing, we will be with you at every step, filing the appropriate paperwork and taking care of all the necessary details so you don't have to. Our office also handles step-parent adoptions as well as adoptions that are contested. Cindy has a personal interest in providing resources to adoptive parents to help with the special challenges adoption can bring.

While many people have known of someone who has gone through a divorce, only people who have gone through the process understand the complexity and stress that is involved. Cindy M. Floyd, Attorney at Law, brings over 20 years of experience in handling divorce from the simple, uncontested to complicated litigation.

South Carolina allows married couples to live under an order of separation as long as they have different residences. Even if you do not have grounds for divorce, you can divide property, decide custody, visitation and support of children, and finalize all the issues usually decided at the time of divorce. Cindy M. Floyd, Attorney at Law, can provide necessary solutions when there are no grounds for divorce.

In the event that you cannot agree on a custody arrangement, Cindy M. Floyd, Attorney at Law, is ready to go to court and provide effective litigation to represent you and your complete needs. If you believe you are the better person to take charge of your children, then you should make your case the strongest to help protect the best interests of your children.

Estate and Probate
The time after the death of a loved one can be bewildering. With all of the arrangements to be made, beginning probate of an estate can seem an extra burden. At Cindy M. Floyd, Attorney at Law, we try to make this time as easy and simple as possible for the family. Our firm understands that dealing with probate court is not your main concern. We take care of the whole process from filing all the necessary paperwork until the property has been distributed, the creditors have been dealt with and the case is closed with the discharge of the personal representative.

We also litigate in probate court if necessary to finalize the estate. Because this can be such an emotional time, litigation is sometimes unavoidable. If that happens, we will be there to support and guide our clients in a caring and compassionate manner.