Collaborative Family Law

Collaborative family law is a process in which parties and their attorneys work cooperatively to negotiate fair settlements. Family conflict, particularly divorce, brings out strong emotions that can become destructive to every member of the family, especially the children.

Collaborative law provides the benefits of attorney representation to maximize settlement options at lower costs, and it minimizes or eliminates the negative economic, social and emotional consequences of having a judge decide the issues.

When necessary, collaborative law utilizes the skills of financial consultants, child specialists, divorce coaches and mediators to assist the parties in avoiding the negative effects of litigation and ensure that everyone works toward the future well-being of all family members.

Why Collaborative Law

Save time and money - The collaborative process is generally less time-consuming and less costly than litigation.

You are in charge - The collaborative process is empowering, informative and less stressful than trying to resolve issues through the traditional court process. You control the proceedings as a part of a settlement team, not the court.

Focus on children - The collaborative process supports the parents' desire to reduce the harmful impact of family conflict on their children and avoid the potentially devastating effects of a legal battle.

IT WORKS! - The collaborative process works if problem-solving is more important than fighting and you want solutions that are fair to all family members.

How Does It Work?

Collaborative law works because it allows the clients to each have their own attorneys with them while maintaining the same commitment to settle. Issues are resolved through informal four-party conferences, for the future well-being of you and your family. You are supported and represented by your lawyer, and both attorneys are focused on a balanced, positive and productive outcome.

Cindy M. Floyd, Attorney at Law, offers collaborative lawyers, financial consultants, child specialists, divorce coaches and mediators. From creative problem-solving to committed specialists, each effort is coordinated to assist you in reaching a timely and cost-effective solution. At Cindy M. Floyd, Attorney at Law, we are trained and experienced in helping you build a divorce settlement on agreement rather than disagreement. For information about our interdisciplinary team, please call us today.